The Build

Project Description


 Easton Parish Council will deliver a multi-use community centre off Marlingford Road in Easton, which enhances recreational provision, promotes social integration, and creates a thriving sustainable community.

  The s106 legal agreement associated with the Outline Permission 2014/2611 for the housing development reserved an area of 0.16ha for the construction of a village hall.

A Reserved Matters application (2021/2168) for the Village Hall was approved on 13th September 2022Included as Appendix 1.

The following requirements/principles were sent to the WTD Architects (wtdesignltd) to incorporate into the design of the village hall.

Project Principles

  • Main hall at least 18m x 10m
  • Meeting room possible to divide in two sections to accommodate 2 rooms
  • A lounge
  • A bar servicing the lounge and meeting room
  • A lending library area
  • A kitchen
  • A main open plan office for at least two workstations
  • A private office for the Clerk
  • Storage space
  • Adequate parking
  • A drop off/ pick up area for parents of the primary school
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Low maintenance
  • Single storey
  • All doors minimum 1m wide
  • No steps
  • Fully wheelchair accessible.

Easton Village Hall will provide:

  • 565sqm community centre and will contain a multi use hall of 17.8m x 12.5m x 6.1m internal height which allows for a large catalogue of sports uses;
  • flexible office spaces; library area; kitchen facilities; changing facilities; bar facility and meeting area (144sqm).
  • 19 standard car parking spaces; 3 disabled car parking spaces; storage for 16 x cycles (with electrical cycle charging); EV charging capacity (22kw) for up to 20 EV points with 7 installed at the project opening.
  • The centre is also designed to be a relief centre able to operate off grid for an extended period creating resilience to the community and beyond and has been designed and intended to serve as a blue light office base where facilities will be usable 24/7.