A quick video showing the sign going up.

The drone is up, KMC hard at work

Pouring the foundations

The steel being erected

The internal wall plates are in place

Laying tarmac near the entrance of the site

Solar Panels go on

Laying underfloor heating in the main hall

Self level compound on Floor

Morning delivery of type 1 on site

Chasing the dumper truck

Tarmac being laid on the carpark

The pad being poured in one go

Wall panels being moved on site by crane on a very wet July day.

Getting ready for the roof

An updated look inside

Floor screed in the main hall

Laying LVT floor in main hall

Putting in the post hole for the security fence.

Cool drone footage

Steel pillar being erected

The scaffolding goes up thanks to Tubes

A quick look inside the building with the walls up.

The roof goes on

Laying the path

Block Laying in carpark

Floor laying progress